Super Simple SOPs

create an easy how-to-Manual for Your Business TO SAVE YOURSELF TIME, MONEY AND STRESS

Are you...

Exhausted from carrying the mental load of having to know everything that goes on in your business?

The one stop shop for your entire team?

Fixing mistakes at the last minute because something didn't get done right or at all?

Re-inventing the wheel every time?

Spending too much time at instructing?

Constantly catching things that fall through the cracks?

Ready to hire but clueless about how to train someone?

Then you need to document your processes.

But how do you do that??

Are you getting tired of people commenting that documenting your processes (SOPs) is the key, while you have no idea why and how to create them?


SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures are the How-To's of your business. They are necessary to delegate to your Virtual Assistant, to make sure tasks are executed consistently, without mistakes, and to train new team members with ease.

SOPs will save you tons of time, money, and energy and they will help you grow your business further.

They are the key elements to streamlined, automated, and efficient processes, happy team members, and building business assets in case you ever want to sell your business.

They will allow you to think big!

The Super Simple SOPs Training will help you understand quickly which Standard Operating Procedures (systems) you really need in your business, how to easily create them in no time, how to organise and store them, so that you can delegate, hire, and grow your business with ease...

This training is geared towards:

  • Online Entrepreneurs

  • Coaches

  • Course creators

  • Membership hosts

  • Service providers (website designers, graphic designers, VAs, copywriters...)

  • Small businesses

Super Simple SOP Workshop

Emily McHugh

“A system in which to operate and provides structure to grow and actually achieve your goals.”

Willemijn instills confidence and her approach is calming for frantic entrepreneurs who are busy working "in" versus "on" their business. She offers a system in which to operate and provides structure to grow and actually achieve one's goals. I wish I had met her years ago when I first started my business.

this is what you can expect to

learn (and accomplish!) in this training:

  • The benefits of documenting your processes (and why every business needs them no matter the size)

  • How to create SOPs that actually contribute to your business goals (who wants to spend time on unnecessary admin stuff??)

  • How to create them super fast! (including my proven template for you to re-use over and over!)

  • The 5 key elements that every SOP needs (so that they are easy to understand for everyone involved in your business and make sense)

  • Identify the top 5 SOPs you need in your business

  • How to store and organise your SOPs so you will find and actually use them (Google sheet masterfile template included!)

  • How to delegate SOP creation to your team (so that they will do the work for you and you'll never have to bother again, yay!)

Super Simple SOP Workshop

Are you ready to create your SOPs in no time?

"SOPs helped me shift tasks away from me to my team, and keeps my business running smoothly."

~Jocelyn Mercado

I was spending huge amounts of my time and energy handling administrative tasks and technical details and instructing my VA. Since working with Willemijn, and creating SOPs with her help, I have shifted many tasks away from me so that I can focus on service delivery and my true "zone of genius" work. This has allowed me to expand my business offerings with confidence, knowing that my team can handle the tasks I don't have time for, to keep my business running smoothly. I am so grateful for Willemijn and I recommend her to any entrepreneur who wants to expand their business, increase income, and spend way more time in their zone of genius.

- Jocelyn STAR FEATHER, SAcred Planet


Super Simple SOP Workshop

this is what you can expect to

Receive in this training

  • Access to a 90-Minute Video Training - Learn the Process of Simple SOP Creation

  • My trusted SOP template for you to re-use forever

  • The SOP Planning Master File so that your SOPs live in one easy-to-access place

  • BONUS: Our Must-Have Top 5 List of SOPs for your business

  • BONUS: How to Store & Organise Your SOPs - Mini Video Training


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need to create SOPs, I don't have a team.

A lot of solopreneurs think they don't need to document anything in their business, or that they can delay it until they have a team. The thing is, it is costing you time, money and energy when you have to re-invent the wheel every time you do something in your business.

The minute you would like to hire someone because you are so busy, you need to think about instructions and you need to train them. SOPs are an easy way to do that without repeating yourself over and over.

Even when you are still working alone, having SOPs will help you tremendously with recurring tasks.

Think of it as a how-to manual for your business that you don't have to store in your head!

Can I enroll my VA or other team members?

Absolutely! Just enter their email address when you buy so they receive the login information.

Or send us an email at so that we can give you a discount on the extra seats.

I'm overwhelmed already, and I don't have the time to create SOPs!

Overwhelm is a lack of clarity and focus. SOPs will save you time and energy, because you don't have to spend time figuring things out over and over again, instructing your VA/team members, or fixing mistakes because things were done on the fly.

This training with teach you a super simple way to create SOPs in no time, so that you can organically create a how-to manual in less than 30 minutes per week.

When you know how to create and use them, you can delegate SOP creation to your team to take it off your plate.

When you really don't want to do it, I recommend purchasing this training for your VA so that they can be responsible for all SOP creation!

I have so many SOPs to create, and I don't think this workshop will cut it.

As a Director of Operations, and Operations Manager, I help my clients create a customised SOP manual. In case you need an Ops Manager to help you and your team document all of your processes, please contact me at to discuss the options.

you're invited to register for the

Super Simple SOPs Training



90-minute video training


super simple SOP template


Master file template to store your SOPs


BONUS: must-have SOP list for your business


BONUS: how to organise your sops - mini training





Super Simple SOP Workshop

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90-minute video training €300


SOP Master file template €25

BONUS: top 5 must have list of sops to start with €25

BONUS: how to store and organize your sops so that you actually use them - mini training €125

VALUED AT = €500

Total Value = €500

Regular Price = €97

Today’s Price = €47

Willemijn Maas Director of Operations

As a Director of Operations and Certified Online Business Manager, Willemijn has worked with many entrepreneurs in the online space to help them streamline the back-end of their business. She also has years of corporate experience in a multi-million dollar, FDA-audited Life Sciences company, where she was responsible for Medical Affairs, Quality Control and Operations.

SOP creation is one of the major pieces to enable business growth..

Willemijn has created hundreds of SOPs. and has seen first hand what the creation of SOPs can do for a business in terms of efficiency, cost-reduction, hiring, training, and overall ease and simplicity.


willemijn Maas, Director of Operations, Certified Online Business Manager, SOP expert

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